Pack Two of Us

pack Nous deux
003436 dosette de gel 5ml So Sexy

Pack Two of Us


Regarding sexuality, diversity wakes libido, so what better than having choice?
The Pack Two of us offers you the opportunity to test new products, if not already done so, while protecting you effectively against risk of infections (provided you do not use male and female condoms at the same time ). The intimate gel which forms part of this pack is compatible with all condoms and will provide all the comfort and softness desired.
Pack Two of us is choice, quietness and comfort together for an ever-blooming sexuality.


Composition :
This Pack contains :
2 FC2 female condoms, nitrile made
5 Sure male condoms

5 Terpan lubricant pods

Condoms are class IIb medical devices, regulated products which wear the CE marking under Regulation.
The interest of condoms in preventing HIV / AIDS and other STI s is recalled.

(Visa No. 13/04/TERPAN/GP/001).

Regulation 1NF EN ISO 4074Aide

Regulation 2NF S97034Aide



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