What about sexual health during this period of general quarantine ? To find yourself together 24/7 can be a real challenge for a couple. We are not used to stay with each other all the time, especially if we live in a 25m2 flat for example. Actually, in normal period we need some mental space. But also a space for oneself in the sense of “perimeter”.

And yet, this unprecedented situation of all day intimacy encourages closer ties.  A notion that may have escaped us in everyday life because of the routine, the tiredness, the stress, the worries.

We might as well take advantage of this lockdown since we have plenty of time to take care of ourselves and our special one. To rediscover our partner. To have a different proximity relationship. To stimulate a libido that was probably at a standstill for some of us.

Time, the secret of a fulfilling sex life.

Sexual health is a parameter not to be taken lightly and for a good reason!  Making love has beneficial effects on our psychological and emotional state. Sexual activity – and orgasm – are great antidepressants thanks to the release of certain hormones like oxytocin (the hormone of attachment), endorphin (the hormone of well-being, which helps resist pain) and serotonin (the happiness hormone that works against anxiety).

In this period where you stay at home, sexual activity is booming!

At Terpan we are aware that time is an essential factor when it comes to sexuality and pleasure.

More fun at home

The sale of condoms and sex toys is currently experiencing a significant increase in stores and online, especially at Terpan where we have seen condom sales increase between March 06 and 15 and which will probably continue to climb! There is therefore no shortage at Terpan Prevention, since we have renewed our stocks in our online store.

Take care of yourself during this Coronavirus outbreak, and keep exploring the fun while protecting yourself.

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For several years The Laboratory Terpan participates in the trade fair Medica in Düsseldorf.


It is the leading trade fair for medical technology, electrical medicine, laboratory technology, diagnostics, physiotherapy, orthopedics, as well as everyday consumer goods.
Over 4 days, this show welcomes more than 130000 professionals from 120 different countries.
Our presence at this show is an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the medical industry and to present the products we are developing internationally.

GOODIES : a new communication medium

We produce each year thousands of products for our clients/partners and we know how important it is to renew our offer.

Our GOODIES enhance your brand image all along your value chain. They directly  promote  and strengthen your actions towards a public  reassured by your signature.

You know your audience and how to speak to him, so the message is stronger and accurate.

A customized packaging can even ease the dialogue and make people smile, think, speak bout it…

Use these customized products (condoms, lubricants, breathalyzer, …) to spread your message. Maximum efficiency with these GOODIES that will accompany users up to their intimate moments.

We are here to provide you advices regarding your project and offer you the most suitable GOODIES meeting your expectations.




Female condoms, Male condoms, breathalyzers, ear plugs, cups, a lot of products to deliver your message.

The Women’s Day or International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. It has its origins in the early 20th century through protest movements in various countries who demanded the same rights for women as for men.

Today, the purpose of this day is to think about the conditions of women worldwide and to continue the fight against inequalities with men.

For us Laboratoire Terpan, it is an opportunity to express our commitment to enable women to freely live their sexuality, allow them to choose the way they proctect themselves.

Since 1999, when we introduced the female condom in France, we are fighting every day to make it more available to everyone, everywhere. Indeed, if one can now obtain condoms close to home, dissemination of the female condom is confidential and takes place almost exclusively on the internet.

Regarding male condoms, we also strive to provide variety more and more wider to our range Smile® which we develop with serious so you can stay focus on your pleasure only.

Finally we have developed an intimate lubricant called “So Sexy” which is enriched with hyaluronic acid that brings comfort and hydration that you are entitled to expect.

Saint Valentin

On 15th it will be too late!

In the late Middle ages, festivities of Valentine’s Day were the opportunities for young people to find their partner for life. Different customs existed between regions, such as the hide and seek game where unmarried girls of the village were hiding while single men gave themselves the objective of finding them. The new couples could last through the evening or go to the wedding

A few centuries later, no more hide and seek, but that day is still a day that celebrates lovers. It is the opportunity for couples to form, meet, to offer and receive a gift, to spend a romantic dinner.

To accompany this magic moment, here are our special Valentine’s Day package to share without moderation.

Come and discover what is inside !

We wish you full success in your projects for the new year 2016 !

The beginning of this year is the opportunity for us to present our new website.

Whether individual or professional, you will find there all our products on all your screens, wherever you are.

This new website shows our will to always satisfy you and stay constantly in touch with you.

robe en préservatif

Last surveys show that condoms are less and less used, particularly among young people. In France, 13% of young people think that we can be cured from HIV which is unfortunately not possible right now. After 30 years of sustained prevention campaigns (one generation), condom use is far from being a reflex and yet it remains the surest way to protect themselves from HIV and STIs. To bring prevention messages, original initiatives have been held on the occasion of World AIDS Day, as in Quimper with a fashion show where you could find dresses made with condoms or in Paris with the coffeecondom operation (1 coffee bought = 1  condom offered).

café capote

World Day against AIDS was an opportunity for Familles Rurales (french associations of 180 000 families) to launch an alert about the inaccessibility of female condoms …
Familles Rurales wants that:
– supermarkets reference female condoms
– government reinforces the information given to women and men on the existence of female condom (alternative to the male condom) as well as the training of health professionals to trivialize.

Full study available in french:

Mise en page 1

Developped in the first instance by and for drug users by inhalation, KitBase® is a collaborative effort of seven Parisian associations which are in daily contact with users. To concretize their project, these associations called TERPAN which was immediately favourable and took part in the project.

After several months of development and trials, KitBase® was finalized on 2014 and is now available on the market through associations. It allows to reduce significantly the risk of tranmission of STI’s such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

This collaborativ project fits completely in TERPAN way of thinking  who considers prevention as a daily concern.

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pochette perso

Since we start our activity related to prevention, we have come to realize millions of custom wallets with various messages only limited by the imagination of our customers. What could be more effective for a prevention message than to be delivered just on the way to intimate moments ?

With our strong experience based on listening, source of proposals, responsiveness, and skilss, we are able to offer a unique service, which runs from customizing a condom, until complete development of ranges and private labels.With you, we can develop products from A to Z, produce and deliver you wherever you want. You will be supported in your administrative and regulatory proceedings, advised and supported in your choices throughout the realization of your projects.

Prevention is a historical concern of Terpan laboratory, which provides a full range of products required for risk reduction. Syringes, alcohol pads, kits The effectiveness of these “sensitive” products goes with a reasoned and controlled distribution, performed by actors knowing the field that ensure its dissemination to users. These products are only available to individuals through these associations in contact with users.

Find risk reduction products in our catalog. (here)


Engaged in prevention and risk reduction since 1986,

TERPAN Laboratory is certified NF EN ISO 13485: 2012

All the condoms and lubes sold by the Laboratory TERPAN bear the CE marking of conformity with European Directive 93/42 / EEC (medical devices).

Moreover, some condoms we sell, like those of Aspélia® brand also bear the mark NF, synonymous with increased quality. Indeed, the EC + NF condoms undergo more frequent testing and monitoring that provide additional guarantee of quality for all users.

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Female condom is still not enough well known, so we invite you to read this article from “Réponse à TOUT” (i.e. “Answer to everything”) published on2014/06/29:

To motivate young people to protect themselves during a sexual act, volunteers of Solidays festival draw attention to female condom. Between winces and questions, not a lot of people really know this contraceptive.

« This thing is disgusting. It looks like you make love to a garbage bag! » Mathieu, 21 years old already heard about female condom but he doesn’t want to test it. The young man is wandering in “Sex in the city”, the flagship exhibition of Solidays (June 27th-29th). This place invites visitors to talk about their sexuality while they are also informed about unsafe practices. The target is to deal with topics related to HIV and AIDS smoothly, evoking the “pleasure” dimension of a sexual act.

At the end of the exhibition path, volunteers are answering questions and take this opportunity to show an unknown contraceptive: female condom. Seated around a table, we show them “the thing”: A very thin tube with a flexible ring at both ends. We explain them that they just have to twist the smallest ring in “8” shape and put it inside the vagina (please see the video below).

Female condom: « It must pour everywhere! »

A volunteer goes close to Mathieu: « I can tell you that you won’t even notice that your partner is using it. It sticks well to skin and is heat conductor. The feelings are much better than with a classical male condom ». The young man winces. He is informed that it is possible to keep this condom for 8 hours and that it is not required to change it if the partner remains the same. «It’s strange! It must pour everywhere ». The volunteer cuts him off « No, it will not pour everywhere. We are not pipes! Our body keeps the liquid, like a tank ». The young man and his friends burst into laughter. Mathieu is going to be difficult to convince but his friend Hadrien seems less reluctant: «I know nothing about it so why not ».

Female condom: « I would be too scared to put it wrongly »

Pierre, 24 years old, already tried it. He didn’t like it. «It isn’t convenient and not very appealing all this plastic (the external part of the female condom covers the vulva). As I can choose, I prefer male condom ». However, some people are telling that it is wonderful. « You can almost not feel it if it is correctly put» explains another volunteer in charge of prevention at Solidarité Sida. « Yes, and for me this is the problem, says Chloé, 27 years old, it seems difficult to use, I will be too scared to put it wrongly! » Volunteers explain her to not hesitate to train herself at home to get the right way to do it.

Clément, 24 years old, knows nothing about it. He seems rather enthusiastic: « I am in a hurry to get more information ». Nolwenn, 19 years old seems also quite excited: « I knew it does exist but I didn’t know how to use it. It’s really a good idea to show it to us ». Morgane, 20 years old, is not surprised: she already know the female condom. « My mother is open minded. She already educate me a lot regarding contraception, prevention against STI’s , … At school, they explain us things we already know. It is really important to have parents that are able to speak about sex with us ». Laura, 19 years old, agrees: « It is important to speak freely. Here, it is really good because we break the ice regarding sex and as a consequence we learn a lot of things! »